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I am working on my sales page using MS Expressions HTML editor. 

My product pictures are linked to another page with a narrative about the sketch and a Paypal link. Each sketch has this and there are 55 of them at this point in time.
when I go back to the catalog page: https://jgeddes.com/HistoricSketches.htm
you go clear up to the top so my clients have to scroll back down to what they were viewing before. I tried to add a bookmark on the sketch number and then a BACK text
with a hyperlink back to the sketch number. This way you don't lose your place and it is organized. BUT it doesn't work :-(

Is there a way to do this? Prolly simple but I'm an artist not a web savvy designer just trying to get by... It's the part of my work that I am NOT good at, as you can see.






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