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How to Run a Method Stored In a Variable


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How can I run a method stored in a variable?

For example, the user selects a method that the user wants it to complete. That method is stuck in the variable, userSelectedMethod.

var userSelectedMethod = "toUpperCase()"

I want the script to run the method that is in the variable. I tried using the following code. (Didn't work, obviously)

/// Attempt 1
var newResult = enteredText.userSelectedMethod;
/// Attempt 2
var newResult = enteredText.Module[userSelectedMethod];
/// Attempt 3
var newResult = enteredText.callback(userSelectedMethod);

I want the newResult to run whatever method the user Selected Method is. What would be the proper and simplest method of accomplishing this?

Note: The variable names and extra steps have been removed and simplified to explain what I'm trying to do.

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I not sure why you would want to do this 🤔,

but this might meet your needs.


var x = 'String to be changed.';  // initialize variable

const m = new Map();

var str = x+'\n'+m.get('uc')+'\n'+m.get('lc');

// Change variable contents
x = 'Some new string'; 




It uses the Map() function to create objects to manipulate your variable.


BTW, welcome to the forums.

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