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Signing a xml with specific structure


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I´ve been searching on how to do this but with no luck, the thing is, i need to sign a certificate and the xml result must match the example below:

The first thing i did was to create a private.key and a some_file.pem using PHP written on the first example here and i did it successfully. Then, i used this library(robrichards/xmlseclibs) to sign the certificate and everything went ok, but the final result is not the same, the differences are:

  • The sign portion appears at the end of the file
  • The hash string is enormous instead of the 29 caracters shown in the example
  • The dnQualifier, CN=, OU= and O do not appear on the xml even if i did fill them when creating the .pem file
  • Finally the X509SerialNumber does not appear to.

To create the xml i´m using the new DomDocument and i´m quite new doing this, could anyone point me out in the right direction?

Regards, thanks for your time.

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