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How to style count down?


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I have a count down in jQuery. However, UI does not look good. Hard to read the numbers. Because jQuery is running, I am unable to inspect it in chrome dev tool to style it. If you could help me with some styling, it would be very helpful.  There are some styling being applied by the plugin but unable to inspect the stylings because element is keep changing. How can I style it to overwrite it?


<div class="field-timer-jquery-countdown-led green is-countdown" data-field-timer-key="node-193-field_count_down-0-kHjxuNvghYU" data-timestamp="1606329098"><span class="jquery-countdown-led-display-wrapper"><span class="green image0"></span><span class="green image0"></span><span class="green imageDay"></span><span class="green imageSpace"></span><span class="green image1"></span><span class="green image9"></span><span class="green imageSep"></span><span class="green image1"></span><span class="green image7"></span><span class="green imageSep"></span><span class="green image4"></span><span class="green image6"></span></span></div>


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<span class="field-timer-jquery-countdown is-countdown" data-field-timer-key="node-7-field_countdowntest2-0-2FME63kDm44" data-timestamp="1606508506"><span class="countdown-row countdown-show3"><span class="countdown-section"><span class="countdown-amount">20</span><span class="countdown-period">Hours</span></span><span class="countdown-section"><span class="countdown-amount">19</span><span class="countdown-period">Minutes</span></span><span class="countdown-section"><span class="countdown-amount">53</span><span class="countdown-period">Seconds</span></span></span></span>


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