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multiple articles in main section

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id like to put mulple small articles that link to other pages  in the main section of my home page but only seem to be jumbleing them up. the styling part is really the hardest for me . any help appriciated.

    <a href="main_section1">
    <section id="main_section1"> 
        <h2> How to play Ace king</h2>
        <h2>Considerations of hold'ems most notorious hand and why players hate it so much</h2>


     left: 629px;
      top: 373px;
     float: left; 
     width: 287px; 
     margin: 350px; /*720px (.i.e 660 + leftside 30 + rightside 30, 280 remaining(1000-720)*/ 

  #main_section1 h1{
     left: 729px;
      top: 373px;
     width: 280px; 
     margin: 20px; /*720px (.i.e 660 + leftside 30 + rightside 30, 280 remaining(1000-720)*/ 







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Rewrite your code into a proper script that we can copy paste, without modification, so we can see exactly what you're seeing without having to guess.  

Hopefully this is not the complete code you're actually using. 

Then, let us know specifically what want.  Not jumbled up is way too ambiguous. 

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