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Which method is better to use font on the website? Which can be used for both desktop and mobile.
I think it's better to use @font-face. Because the fonts are downloaded on my own website and will come in handy on devices that don't support fonts.

I also want feedback from you


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If it works for you, do it.  Else, I'd write my code in a way that let's me easily change my fonts, or my approach to fonts, once I get actually user feed back.

My guess is font's wont be in their top ten assuming you don't get too exotic.

So, go with what you know and don't be too concerned with what other people think about your creative decisions until they get in the way of too many people.  Then, it will be the engineering of your code and Version Control that will save you. Not font choice.

I now you're asking a technical question.  Except, even if there is a correct answer, the tech will change soon enough, to make that answer less correct and ultimately irrelevant sooner than you might think.


I'm reminded of what Steven Covey wrote:

"When I meet people or get a new relationship going, I start putting all these repressive restrictions on myself;  I can't have feelings. Can't have wants or needs. Can't have my history. Can't do the things I want, feel the feelings I'm feeling, or say what I need to say. I turn into this repressed, perfectionist robot, instead of who I am: ME!




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