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Hi all,

I am looking to create automated emails for my work. I'm quite a novice coder and the only code format Mailchimp allows in email campaigns is HTML.

I want to create an automated email that goes out every week that asks our contributors to submit an artwork for the following week. I am wondering if there is a piece of date / time HTML that would allow me to say: "current date + 7 days" so I don't have to manually add the dates in for every email.

Hopefully that makes sense! Thanks in advance for your help,


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HTML cannot do that. HTML cannot generate or manipulate data, it is just a language which describes the structure of existing information.

I'm not familiar with MailChimp, but most mailing providers have a system to add variables into the template and they offer a lot of different options for the content of the variables. You should ask MailChimp support about it.


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