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Just getting into C++ I'm experimenting with random number generator  

How is it that I would sometimes get the same number?


I have int as 

int randNumb1 = 0;

int randNumb2 =0;

so it do this

randNumb1 = (rand() % 20) +1;

cout << "First Random number is  " <<  randNumb1 << endl;;

    randNumb2 = (rand() % 20) +1;
    while (randNumb1 = randNumb2) {
            randNumb2 = (rand() %20) +1;
        cout << "Second number  is     " << randNumb2 << endl;;
        // terminate the loop

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I'm not sure if you intended to use the assignment operator on this line:

while (randNumb1 = randNumb2) {

You probably want the == comparison operator.

You shouldn't need to break that loop, either. The cout statement should be outside the loop after the loop has finished.

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