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All done! Thank you!


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I am doing a project and want to include text which when you hover over the word, a small image or small box with text appears giving more information. But I don't know what it's called? I have taken this bit from wiki as an example. Although these links just suggest clickable links. But I have seen the underlined in wiki show a little box of text or small image. I hope you know what I mean? I would so appreciate your help! Thank you, Jayne🤠


In 1981, the Association for Women in Computing inaugurated its Ada Lovelace Award.[103][104] Since 1998, the British Computer Society (BCS) has awarded the Lovelace Medal,[105] and in 2008 initiated an annual competition for women students.[106] BCSWomen sponsors the Lovelace Colloquium, an annual conference for women undergraduates.[106] Ada College is a further-education college in Tottenham Hale, London, focused on digital skills.[107]


Thank you for your help. After some research, pleased to say I did it! When I get a chance I will post it here!


Thanks w3schools!!😃

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