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Website widths in Dreamweaver CC 2019


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I'm working in Dreamweaver CC 2019. What are the dimensions in width to fit a web design from the left edge to the right edge of a Desktop computer screen (without any margins)? In other words, after doing your design in DW and you go to check it on a live browser (like Chrome), it should fit the entire screen from left to right. (Or does it have to do with the Responsiveness of the design?) I found several websites that gives dimensions, but they aren't necessarily always the same. For Bootstrap they mention a width of 1200px wide. In another article they say: "For designing a webpage in Web Design software: The most common design file resolution used by the digital agencies that we work with is 1440px wide, with the main content container that is 1140px. But 1920px is also very common." Can somebody please advise? I can't seem to get my head around this one. I'm new to Dreamweaver as well. Thank you.

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