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Hi All,

So I have had a bit of a headscratcher for a few days. And this website seems to be my saving grace every time, now time to test the forum community. I have been doing all of the work and coding on my site myself but this one issue is giving me a real headache.

I have managed to integrate my partners client to my website. This all works great. and I have limited options to edit this client interface (through limited CSS) to suit my business. I have managed to get my head round the edits I would like to make. However, when having a sneaky look at what competitors do with the very same client, one feature in particular catches my attention. Somehow with the limited CCS editing options, it looks a though they have manged to get their background image to carry on behind their footer. For me I have a horrible black margin and a small black bar across the top of the footer area. Is there any way that I can achieve this? inspecting and looking at their source code with my limited knowledge is not helping.

When inspecting the area it shows as a .footerTemplate part of the CSS, however this is not in the options that I have to edit.

The only options for the footer area that I can edit include: .

footer_container { background-color: #202C36; width: 100%;}
ul.footer_menu { background-color: #202C36;} 

Everywhere I look online says this is impossible, but I can see it being done and cannot seem to understand how this is achieved.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

I can supply screenshots or code to aid anyone willing. 

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