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Confused in tutorials

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Hello everybody, my name is Nick and I was working my way throught HTML tutorial. I got stuck because when I reached the responsive HTML site bullet point , there where new terms (BOOTSTRAP, JAVASCRIPT etc.) that didn't have to do with my rest knowledge of the HTML. My question is pretty simple. Should I do all the tutorials together or can I go throught without them? Eventually I will , because my goal is to learn how to make a site, but it gets confusing. Any tips ? Should I learn javascript together with HTML or at least the JS HTML DOM? Should I learn advanced CCS or CCS framework together so I can understand bootstrap so I can continue my HTML tutorial. I'm confused. 

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I recommend doing the tutorials in the order HTML > CSS > Javascript.

If there's something you don't understand you can always come back to review it later. This kind of knowledge builds up gradually over time.

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