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Trouble Implementing Client Java/JSON onto my WP site


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Hi All, 

So I am having some trouble implementing Java/JSON onto my WordPress site. However, being self taught in HTML I am not as knowledgeable as this community, and W3schools is always my go to site. I have been given some brief instructions and 'codes/scripts' that will allow me to show an automatic feed from my partner. However, I cannot seem to get my head around how it is done. 

The instructions say to add some code to the header of the page, but when this is done and the rest of the instructions followed (to the best of my knowledge) there is nothing displayed. 

I have spent countless hours trying to figure out how to implement this Java/JSON this onto my site with no success. I have even contacted an online 'developer' who seemed to just go around in circles and not help in any way. 

He suggested adding the JSON Content Importer plugin and upgrading to the Pro version. This still didn't help in any way.

Im sure that there is something very simple and easy missing from the equation, but I just cannot seem to get anywhere with this. 

I can provide any information and screenshots to anyone willing to help.

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