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Google Chrome is not working correctly after running Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition


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so i first ran FSX and everything looked fine

problem 1:

FSX runs in 4:3 instead of my usual 16:9 (im not sure if this is normal but i think this is the cause for problem 2)

problem 2:

when i run FSX all my other monitors also turn to 4:3 and it also doesn't show what was in the monitors. i think this is causeing my main problem with google chrome

main problem:
so when i ran FSX google chrome was also running and on my second monitor. when i turned off FSX google chrome was normal like so: [img1.gif], however, after i closed my laptop cover and later opened it i saw this: [img2.gif] It was running the tab that i used before starting the flight simulator, and the tab would not load. i also did not see all my other important tabs. i tried restarting chrome (i have the keep closed tabs setting on) and restarting my computer. i also tried to use intel graphics settings, although i did not try much because i am not familiar with the system.

Lenovo T470W10DG




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At the W3Schools.com forum, most of the users just do web development. Managing operating systems and software is not something most people have experience with. Maybe a site like StackExchange will have somebody who can answer your question. SuperUser.com seems to be a useful site for these kind of questions.

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