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Get a cell data in Google Sheet into HTML input after clicking Button

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I found a snippet of code to get data from a cell in a Google sheet into an HTML input ... It works fine, but not met ... My requirement is that it should work. after I press the button, do not automatically run when opening or loading the Web page as it is now ... Can you please fix it according to my mind, Thank you very much in advance.
  <input name="form1_1" id="f1_1" type="text" /> 
  <button name="submit_form1" id="submit_form1" type="button" onclick="">Click here to get data</button>
  const onDataLoaded = (data) => {
    const e20Content = data.feed.entry.find((entry) => entry.title.$t == 'E20').content.$t
    document.getElementById('f1_1').value = e20Content
<script src="https://spreadsheets.google.com/feeds/cells/1TbMrtJl01i-Q5YudlhdAB_E1LTYkkLswnql5LHyiIuk/1/public/basic?alt=json-in-script&callback=onDataLoaded"></script>

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