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Your advise on and ideas please


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Hello ~ I'm new here and not sure if I'm posting in the right place :)

I work for a non-profit that offers free content (links) listed via tables, one page = a years worth of content links, usually a single line in a row.  I know html, css, php, etc.  I've done a design like this in html4, and once in Wordpress, my first cms, which I have come to greatly dislike, and so I do not want to go CMS if I can at all help it, I'm here to find other suggestions.  Also, I'm very concerned with site security, another reason to use something else. 

The functionality of the site needs to be: Responsive, Tables (maybe with some features like reverse table listing) the rest is standard stuff like header/footers and a lot of plain text, and files - pdf, mp3.  I have 3 sites to re-do, each with thousands of links, files and pages.

I've looked into Bootstrap, anything else I should look into?

I get lost in all the for 'business', for marketing, for traffic, sales sales sales, lots of images and complication.  I've done searches on directory style layouts only to find: realtors, car sales, sales sales sales, and lots of cubed images to signal a listing, and everything looks the same!

I will be using the table page as a template, just reload it for a new year.  The rest of the content really won't change.  Any leg up in the build process would be appreciated.

I hope I've covered everything, but if not just ask.

Thanks for your thoughts,

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