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hiding/showing popup


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Depending on a specific value taken from the database....a popup is hidden or shown in a page.

The htlm of the popup is there but when the value is true(that comes from the db) with jquery I hide it.

That is I get the value in JS....the problem with this approach is that(in case the popup is to be hidden) on page refresh the popup appears for less that a second and then disappears.

Bad for UX.

How I could make it that when the popup is hidden does not appear at all on refresh.

Iis it better maybe to handle it server-side?

I hear opinions.



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well the code works...I did not expect to work cause I had made some assumptions--which were wrong of course...I have 2 questions though.


why not do this with PHP enbedded in the HTML...why resorting to JS...something like this:


<div  <?php echo ($schedstatus == 1) ? "style='display:none;'" : "style='display:block;'" ?> id="modal">......

I have come to understand that code in a JS file tha resides INSIDE the document on load function...runs after the HTML/document is loaded...that said the modal should be shown(my assumption) and hidden WHEN the code inside the documenton load functions runs.

Obviously I miss something but what is that?

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