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How to seperate 2 pictures in same row in Notepad++ (HTML)

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How to seperate two pictures that are in same row in Notepad++? I don't want them to be merged like this. Our teacher is really bad at explaining things and expect from us to make a website using HTML with minimal knowledge, so asking her isn't one of options... Here is picture of "code" and how it looks when you enter website.



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If you want to separate two pictures in same row the Margin Property allow you to give space between two picture .

Here is the code

            <img  src="/image/Screenshot_2.png" alt="old car" style="margin: 10px;width: auto;height:300;" >
            <img src="/image/Screenshot_1.png" alt="car1" style="margin: 10px;width: auto;height:300;" >


I hope this will helps you.



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