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Error when using Form in Blogspot

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Hi guys, I am having problems using dynamic data list, It doesn't work when I insert a form into Blogspot, how should I fix it?
<body contenteditable="false">
function populate(Ts7, Ts8){
	var Ts7 = document.getElementById(Ts7);
	var Ts8 = document.getElementById(Ts8);
	Ts8.innerHTML = "";
	if(Ts7.value == "Phòng kế hoạch"){
		var optionArray = ["|","|Phòng kế hoạch"];
	} else if(Ts7.value == "Bản"){
		var optionArray = ["|","|Bản1","|Bản2","|Bản3"];
	} else if(Ts7.value == "Huyện"){
		var optionArray = ["|","|Huyện1","|Huyện2"];
	} else if(Ts7.value == "Tỉnh"){
		var optionArray = ["|","|Tỉnh1","|Tỉnh2"]; 
	} else if(Ts7.value == "Trung ương"){
		var optionArray = ["|","|Trung ương1","|Trung ương2"];         
	for(var option in optionArray){
		var pair = optionArray[option].split("|");
		var newOption = document.createElement("option");
		newOption.value = pair[0];
		newOption.innerHTML = pair[1];
<p>1. Cấp</p>
<select name="entry.694698089" id="Ts7" required="" onchange="populate(this.id,'Ts8')">
<option value="">Chọn</option>
<option value="Phòng kế hoạch">Phòng kế hoạch</option>
<option value="Bản">Bản</option>
<option value="Huyện">Huyện</option>
<option value="Tỉnh">Tỉnh</option>
<option value="Trung ương">Trung ương</option>
<p>2. Nội dung</p>
<select id="Ts8" name="entry.1049020395" required=""></select>


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My first guess is that BlogSpot removes <script> tags from the content of the document.

If that is not the cause of the problem, then maybe there is a Javascript error. In most browsers you can see Javascript errors by pressing F12.

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