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How to avoid page breaks for <img> when printing?


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Assume I have a webpage loaded which contains some big pictures.
When I print this webpage (into a pdf file) and a picture does not fit completely onto the current pdf page then automatically a page break is inserted and the picture is printed on the next pdf page.

How can I avoid this?

If the picture cannot be fully printed on the current page it should be cut.
The remaining, lower part should be printed on the next pdf page.

How can I achieve this with CSS?

I guess it must have something to do with the "clear" attribute?

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FYI, my experience is your code will be tied to the version of the browser you're currently using when it comes to printing a page.  A version or to down the road, and your code may not work, as intended.

Having said that, are you really talking about printing a page of displaying a page?


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