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PHP web browser detection


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Hello, please could you help me with this PHP script? It should recognize users web browser and according it should input correct condition. 

I make this because SAFARI and IE don't support function ' type:''date'' '. So can you give me an advice? 


       function detect()
        if (\strpos($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'], "MSIE", "Safari") === false){
           echo 'Dátum zákroku / Date of procedure [YYYY-MM-DD]';
           echo '<p><input class="w3-input w3-border" required name="datum_zakroku"></p>';
            '<div class="w3-text-d1"><p><b>Dátum zákroku / Date of procedure</b></p></div>
            <p><input class="w3-input w3-border" type="date" required name="datum_zakroku"></p>';

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