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Is possible to put plain text in HTML by PHP?

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Hello everyone,

I'm trying to get abbreviate states from plain text into HTML select and option, seem it's not working. Can you help me? here my PHP code:

/* Read file to insert as option in HTML */

$file = fopen("States.txt","r") or exit("Unable to read");
    while(!feof($file)) {
        $states = fgets($file);
        $statelist =  "<option value='".$states."'>".$states."</option>";


<tr><td>State:</td><td><select id="abb" name="abb"><?php echo $statelist ?></select></td></tr>

Thank you for help

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I don't see anything obviously wrong with the code. Does the text file exist in the same folder as your PHP file?

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Apart from where it will only show the last option everytime. (.= required to append each option)

$statelist .=  "<option value='".$states."'>".$states."</option>";


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