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Span Footer in grid

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Can anyone help with why I cannot make the footers span 2 across the bottom? I tried 5 or 6 different ways to fix it & it stays like this. In the html, each footer has it's own ID but I should be able to span all three using a combinator right? 

body footer { grid-column: span 2; }


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It's hard to guess what the problem could be without knowing that the HTML structure is. Do you have three footer elements or three elements wrapped by a footer?

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Looking at the picture, my guess is that you should actually set it to "span 6" if you want each box to be half the width of the grid.

If you are already using an ID selector in CSS on these elements, you will not be able to override it with a general selector like "body footer". ID selectors cannot be overridden except by other, more specific ID selectors.

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