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Greetings this is my first time on the forum,I have a quick question which I hope someone could help me with... not directly related to the SQL language itself but with something associated with it. Question:I have an MS Access ( :) ,yeah, I know... ) database on PCADMIN,I want various columns from the result of a query to be sent to PC1, which has an Excel data table,I want various columns from the same query to be sent to PC2, in a new .mdb with only one table.Extra information:I was told that I should link Excel to the database in the server, possibly with ODBC and excel functions, the problem is that if the server is off (which it is some of the time) I won't have the info. What I was thinking was a way of making the Server (PCADMIN) after creating the query, transmit the info over the network with a client program in VB and pasting it in Excel, or is there an easier way? + Any ideas about how to create a new mdb from the one in the server in another computer with just 1 table with the query results?Thanks a lot in advance, I'm quite new to Databases and SQL, I'm taking a DB course right now but I'm not understanding it very well, any help you could provide I would really appreciate.Well thanks again,Miffe

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