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Top border on Wordpress site

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Hi Everyone,

I'm new.  I'm working on a personal corporate website (crowconsulting.io) and I'm having trouble putting a border on the top of my site.  Basically, I just want the top of my site to have a #3c4043 colored bar above the header just to provide some contrast.  I'm decent with the WordPress CSS editor, and I've targeted everything I can find that I think would allow me to apply a border-top to the top of the page, but nothing has worked. I've tried !important for every attempt I've made, too.


Does anyone know a way I can do this on my site without editing html (something I'm afraid todo)? I would like to use only the CSS editor if possible.


Many thanks in advance!



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A body selector should work fine. Something like this:

body {
    border-top: 4px solid #3c4043;


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