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Hovering a mega menu does not show on top of the wepage image.


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I have this mega menu that can be hovered over the parent items.
When hover over a parent item on top of the screen the view with sub-items is shown.
Unfortunately this screen is not shown on top of the wepage that contains an image with a textblock.
I get the feeling that it is behind the the image on the page instead off on top.

Does anybody have any idea what is causing this issue?
The code I use you can find in the attached html file.  


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Usually positioning and z-index layer level problem.

If you have nav sibling container and a content sibling container i.e nav above content container. The nav (with child menus) with position: relative/sticky etc with a higher z-index than below content sibling container of position: relative; (this is usually all that is required without the need for z-index being set). The nav and its child menu should show above the content sibling AND children elements within it.

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