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How to unlist (hide) a page


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Hi, me new user and first post here.

It looks like there's plenty of time before I understand the following Question.

When you remove all links from main page, search engine can still find your page that has no links on the main page. There's a workaround, but wishing to implement this next technique.



On this link, on point 1 Hide Web Page in Navigation that's what wanna do. But it's a user interface, which is a paid service and I want to use only basic things I have.

So how to hide a page completely when only a person with a link can access it? which is by the way implemented by Soundcloud.com.

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You can add a <meta> robots tag to the page telling search engines not to index the page.

<meta name="robots" content="noindex nofollow">


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Will add, thanx. This is going to be 1 more to checklist as actions to make page invisible. i hope there's a solution to add this for misbehaving search engines and users as well.

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