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There're 2 ways I'm aware of:

1) Read all the tutorials. Then, start coding. This is how I started because that's the way I was taught: Learn then do.

2) Just start coding. Rough out your first page on a piece of scratch paper or in your head.  Then, get it on the screen, as best you can. with your code.

Method #1 will expose to all the tutorials, but there's simply too much to remember unless you use it all the time. 

If you were taught to learn the way i was taught to learn, method #2 makes no sense. 

Having wasted considerable time on method #1, I highly recommend method #2.

Throw yourself into the deep end.  No guts no glory.

Plus, we'll bail you out as long as you show some effort and don't just expect us to give you the answer.



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