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Aravind Busarapu

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Hello. This Is Aravind. While I was adding image to my HTML page, firstly i have saved all the needed mages in a folder. I was not getting the images in my web pages, i was getting the text that I was mentioning in the alt"" .  The address of the image is  not getting. Can you please help me to solve this problem?

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What Lana said isn’t  always practical and there’s still the question why the alt gets displayed and the src doesn’t.

Please post your code and verify the the src target exists with the EXACT spelling and capitalization.


Including EXACT spelling and capitalization for the entire path

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Because the alt is a attribute that it part of img tag and is always viewable (if text description present)  to the browser, the src attribute is a external file link, if the path is wrong, no image will show, but! the alt attribute text value will.

right-click image and select inspect, It  should show that img element, check the src has the correct path, you can right-click that img tag element within inspector window and 'edit as html' to edit the path directly if you discover an error. Once finished click outside the edit box, and it show img element with new src and if correct the image on web page.

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