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Force SELECT field to be same line


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Hi, I'm using w3css and have a problem with a  select field. Ive got a form (obviously) with a big TABLE - rows/columns.


in one of the TD fields Ive got a bit of text, and then a SELECT field.  The options within the select field are January, Feb, mar etc.. December 


Now - The select field is appearing BELOW the text i want - even thougfh the width of the TD field can obviously contain both the text & select fields in one line. 


i'm trying


[CODE]<select class="w3-select" style='display: inline-block;  float: left;' name="MYNAME" onchange="this.form.submit()">[/CODE]


However i cant get the select field to be the same line as the proceeding text . any advice ? 


EDIT: the SELECT field fills the whole width of the TD field. So i can see that the words & select could easily fit on 1 line  

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