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I have been working on wordpress with a templates and I do not know much of coding. Just using drag and drop site builder. But theme has additional .css code option where I can add some short of code and fix it. But which command fix the issue not sure.

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That's the problem suk was alluding to.  You don't need to know how something actually works to be able to use it, until it misbehaves.  Then you either have to replace or repair it. Telling a mechanic, that you don't know how to fix your car, just means he's going to charge you for the repair. He already knows you don't know.

The cost to use a code forum is to know something about your code.  Look at jimfog's forum questions. He always asked informed questions and he always gets prompt answers.

As Mr Data says, admitting you don't know is the beginning of knowledge. Just the beginning.    

Besides that, I think you have a bigger problem in my opinion.  That page will never fit on a smartphone. 

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my bad. i will stop that. please accept my apology.

as I recall, there was a there was a time, years ago, that posters occasionally referred to you that way.  whether that's true or not, it sounds like you probably don't like it.  i meant to imply that we've been posting to this forum for a very long time.  i meant absolutely no disparagement.  

in fact, i have a great deal of respect for you, especially your willingness to provide code snippets.

your friend,




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