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How to turn EXE/HTML to APK


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I saw some XML files in an APK file as ZIP. I came here because it took hours for me to write a code for HTML that counts in geometric progression, and could not figure it out, and I don't want to waste another 5 hours trying to find code for Android apps that does this. I tried copying the HTML code into certain files in my APK app in Microsoft Visual Studio 2019, I tried online sites, I tried converting from HTML to APK, I even tried converting from HTML to EXE and then APK, and eventually, the only option is to ask for help. I successfully turned an HTML to EXE in eWriter. For the sakes of good, if I can convert to a Windows application, why not an Android application? Here is my code in my HTML...

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Son Of A Pitch 2! - Sound Frequency Converter</title>
body {
  background-image: url("BackGround.png");
  background-repeat: repeat;
  background-attachment: fixed;
  background-position: center;
  background-size: 100% 100%;
<audio id="tappingone">
  <source src="ButtonClick.WAV" type="audio/wav">
<audio id="tappingtwo">
  <source src="ButtonHover.WAV" type="audio/wav">
<audio loop id="musicalbg">
  <source src="Music.wav" type="audio/wav">
<h2>Winston presents...</h2>
<img src="Logo.png" width="500" height="500"><br>
<button id="mon" onclick="myTapClickAud();BGMon();" onmouseover="myOverClickAud();" onmouseleave="myClickOffClickAud();">Background Music On</button>
<button disabled="true" id="moff" onclick="myTapClickAud();BGMoff();" onmouseover="myOverClickAud();" onmouseleave="myClickOffClickAud();">Background Music Off</button><br>
Type the octave <input type="number" id="term" value="0"> and
<button onclick="myExample();myTapClickAud();" onmouseover="myOverClickAud();" onmouseleave="myClickOffClickAud();">convert</button> to the units...
<p id="exmpone1">With this page, you can convert sound frequencies to other compatible units.</p>
<p id="exmpone2">We will be using 1 Hertz to represent note C0. The higher the number, the higher the frequency, and lower or negative numbers will lower the frequency.</p>
<p id="exmpone3">This is an updated version of the original S.O.A.P. which could barely do Hertz, now upgraded to work better thanks to a user helping and giving me programming code.</p>
<p id="exmpone4">So? What are you waiting for? Enter a number and convert!</p>
<p id="exmpone5"><br>Last updated on Friday, July 16, 2021, 4:11 PM</p>
<p id="exmpone6"><br><br><b>Missing a frequency and&#x002F;or pitch unit? Report incorrect information? Errors and&#x002F;or technical difficulties? Don't scrub your cassette tape off, but instead, please contact me and tell me what is wrong...</b></p>
<p id="exmpone7"><u>CENSORED-ADDRESS.EXE</u></p>
<p id="exmpone8"></p>
<p id="exmpone9"></p>
<p id="exmpone10"></p>
<p id="exmpone11"></p>
<p id="exmpone12"></p>
<p id="exmpone13"></p>
<p id="exmpone14"></p>

var one = document.getElementById("tappingone");  
var two = document.getElementById("tappingtwo");  
var three = document.getElementById("musicalbg");  

function BGMon() {
  moff.disabled = false;
  mon.disabled = true;
function BGMoff() {
  three.currentTime = 0;
  moff.disabled = true;
  mon.disabled = false;
function myTapClickAud() {
  one.currentTime = 0;
function myOverClickAud() {
  two.currentTime = 0;
function myClickOffClickAud() {
function myOffClickAud() {
function myExample() {
  var term = Number(document.getElementById("term").value);
  document.getElementById("exmpone1").innerHTML = geometricProgression(1, 2, term)*2 + " Hertz";
  document.getElementById("exmpone2").innerHTML = geometricProgression(1, 2, term)/1000*2 + " Kilohertz";
  document.getElementById("exmpone3").innerHTML = term + " Octaves";
  document.getElementById("exmpone4").innerHTML = term*1200 + " Cents";
  document.getElementById("exmpone5").innerHTML = term*12 + " Semitones";
  document.getElementById("exmpone6").innerHTML = term*5 + " Sharp&#x002F;Flat Notes (Black Keys)";
  document.getElementById("exmpone7").innerHTML = term*7 + " Natural Notes (White Keys)";
  document.getElementById("exmpone8").innerHTML = geometricProgression(1, 2, term)/1000000000*2 + " Gigahertz";
  document.getElementById("exmpone9").innerHTML = geometricProgression(1, 2, term)/1000000*2 + " Megahertz";
  document.getElementById("exmpone10").innerHTML = geometricProgression(1, 2, term)/1000000000000*2 + " Terahertz";
  document.getElementById("exmpone11").innerHTML = geometricProgression(1, 2, term)/10*2 + " Decahertz";
  document.getElementById("exmpone12").innerHTML = geometricProgression(1, 2, term)/100*2 + " Hectohertz";
document.getElementById("exmpone13").innerHTML = 1 / geometricProgression(1, 2, term)/2 + " Seconds Of Cycle";
document.getElementById("exmpone14").innerHTML = term*6 + " Whole Tones";
function geometricProgression(a1, r, n) {
  return a1 * Math.pow(r, n-1);
<a>Want to use it offline? Download in your operating systems now, but only if your console is labeled in Green... if it is labeled in Red, it is unavalible.<br><a style="text-decoration:none;color:#00FF00;background-color:#008000;" href="Windows.exe">Windows</a><br><a style="text-decoration:none;color:#FF0000;background-color:#800000;">Macintosh</a><br><a style="text-decoration:none;color:#FF0000;background-color:#800000;">Linux</a><br><a style="text-decoration:none;color:#FF0000;background-color:#800000;">Android</a><br><a style="text-decoration:none;color:#FF0000;background-color:#800000;">iPhone</a><br><a style="color:#FF0000;background-color:#800000;">iPad</a><br><a style="text-decoration:none;color:#FF0000;background-color:#800000;">Chromebook</a>

Any suggestions? How would I write/build this in an Android app?

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I don't know how to change tags in this son-of-a-freaking-gun, how do I add a tag to this question? If I can't, then I'll have to repost the question with the tags. Which I find BS!

I was going to add tags to increase chances of response... But this junk is preventing me from adding it to this question.

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There are only a few people on the forums and they all would have seen your topic by now. I don't think tags are going to change anything, but I can add them to the topic if you want.

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