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About title tag importance of name


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 No no you are mistaken  in the code of <p title="About W3schools"> this code why after about 'W3schools' why it is important? without W3schools <p title="About">like this we write the code. html dreamweaver software is showing no error

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Dreamweaver is wrong.

There are two reasons why it is incorrect.

The first reason is that the word "w3schools" is not a valid attribute of the <p> tag. If you test the code in the W3C HTML validator, it will give you the following error message:


Attribute w3schools not allowed on element p at this point.


The second reason is the most important reason: Even if the HTML was valid (It is not valid), the code is not doing what the developer wants. If the developer wants to see the text "About W3Schools" when the mouse cursor is on the paragraph, then they need to use quotation marks around the contents of the attribute.

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