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xslt 2.0 remove trailing zeroes from decimal places


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I have an existing xslt 2.0 and I want to add an entry, that remove unnecessary trailing zeroes from decimal places.

<value>50<value> -> <value>50<value>
<value>50.0<value> -> <value>50<value>
<value>50.00<value> -> <value>50<value>
<value>50.01<value> -> <value>50.01<value>
<value>50.10<value> -> <value>50.1<value>
<value>50.101<value> -> <value>50.101<value>
<value>50.0010<value> -> <value>50.001<value>

The xml can come in in different substructures and in different tags, just looking for the same tag will not do it.



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