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Suggestions for Hosting Companies?


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This thread is likely to be targeted by advertisers. It will be hard to distinguish honest answers from companies trying to sell you their own hosting and I do not want to permit advertising on the forums.

My recommendation is to determine exactly what you need from a web host, compile a list of web hosts and then select one that best matches those criteria.

Some things to consider are:

  • Which server-side languages, libraries and tools are provided by the web host.
  • Whether you would like more control or more convenience. Many web hosts will have a server already prepared for you with all of the necessary server software, but you might prefer to have a dedicated server and the freedom to install anything you want onto it.
  • Having a server located close to your target audience. If your audience is in the USA, then a USA-based server will load faster for them. You could choose to use cloud hosting to distribute your website to servers around the world.
  • The amount of processing power and memory of the servers. If you're writing your own simple pages in HTML or PHP then you don't need a powerful server. If you're using a CMS, a more powerful server may help load pages faster.

Once you found a few web hosts that provide the service that you want, compare prices and reviews for them. Try to select the most reliable web host which also falls within a reasonable price range.


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