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Inserting an element after another with .after() does not fully work


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In a webpage (from remote server where I have no access) I want to insert the page URL after a certain element and after loading of the webpage

Therefore I use the following code:

var address = document.URL;
var pane = document.getElementsByClassName("heading--large")[0];
pane.after("<a href=\"" + address + "\">" + address + "<\\a>");

Yes, the page URL is inserted, but only as text and not as recognized element.

The URL is NOT clickable (as the following other Links). Have a look at the following snapshot:

Why is in the inserted element "a" not blue and "href" not red as in the others "a" elements below?

Is ".after()" not the suitable function?


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It's best to use DOM objects instead of HTML strings when working in Javascript.

var pane = document.getElementsByClassName("heading--large")[0];

var link = document.createElement("a");
link.href = document.URL;



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