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How to make virtual server in virtual disk


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I put files on a virtual hard disk, but when I try to run it from the browser, the PHP code comes up as text, and does not run the commands. What do I do to turn "O:\" (or any other drive) into a unshared virtual server? Or another fix, how do I run PHP on Chrome for Windows 10 period?


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That means that XAMPP is not running.

First, you should open XAMPP. If you have installed it correctly, there should be an icon on your desktop like this:


That should open the XAMPP configuration window. If it doesn't, click on the XAMPP icon in the windows task bar:


This is what the XAMPP configuration window looks like:


Click on the "Start" button in the row that says "Apache." Once you've done that, PHP files in the htdocs folder will be accessible from the //localhost/ domain in your browser.

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