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Javascript Date formatting

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Hi,I was wondering if anyone here could help me with a little javascript. I was wondering how i can achieve the same functionality with the VbScript below but with Javascript since obviously FF/Opera and Co. do not like VbScript...<script TYPE="TEXT/VBSCRIPT">document.write(MonthName(month(#<%=rs("DATE_RECORD")%>#)))document.write(" ")document.write(Year(#<%=rs("DATE_RECORD")%>#))</SCRIPT>Essentially what i am trying to do, is take some records from a database field and instead of displaying them as dd/mm/yyyy or rather since the records are coming from SQL mm/dd/yyyy, i wanted to just display the distinct "month + year" for the recordset. I've got the ASP side sorted, but am just a little stuck with how to acheive the same functionality in javascript as the above vbscript since the above script works a treat in IE but obviously no other browsers.Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks in advance.

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