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Looking for opinions and suggestions on video libraries for websites


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Thanks in advance for your opinions and suggestions!

I have a question about video libraries on websites.  I work for a company where I manage about a dozen websites or so.  Each of them have product lines and their own branded YouTube pages housing all of the videos for those products.  As I've taken over their sites I've been reviewing, consolidating, getting rid of old code, etc.  One of the things they've been doing is in addition to having YouTube pages for each brand they also basically duplicate their YouTube libraries with a "video library" housed on their own site using iframes. 

So for me all this means is that after I upload a new video to YouTube I also have to upload to a second page.  I personally feel like I could just use the time for other things as we upload a lot of videos and it's just additional maintenance.  The only reason I've received from people at the company for wanting to keep it this way (which I'm not sure I consider a "good" reason) is not wanting to have the user leave their site to go to YouTube where they could see competitor's products.

My opinion is why create a video library when that's what YouTube is.  No need to duplicate efforts.  But maybe someone has better reasons for having a separate library on the site itself? I am open to ideas and other opinions.

Before submitting here I did do a little research and found a few articles on the topic.  The most recent one being this one: https://wp101.com/10-reasons-why-you-should-never-host-your-own-videos/  It has some good reasons as to why this second library can have a negative influence on a site.

As I continue to meet with senior members of my staff I need the best ammunition for my arguments so I thought I would reach out here and see if I can get some outside perspective.  Alternatively, if there are modern, efficient ways to duplicate a YouTube channel completely and publish on a separate site I'd be interested in hearing about something like that!

Thanks so much for your time!




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