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What is an HTML empty element?


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We're told that <br> is an empty element and it has no end tag.

Is "<p></p>" an empty element?  It has no content ("stuff between the start/end tags").

Is it true that "empty elements" have no end tag?

If it is, then why does "<p></p>" have an end tag, given it has no content and is therefore an empty tag?


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An empty element is one which has no purpose for the content between the tags. Empty elements do not need an end tag and shouldn't have one.

While <p></p> is empty, it's not considered an "empty element" because when there is something between the tags, it's meaningful.

This is not common practice, but specific elements such as <p> and <li> actually can work without a closing tag. This is because the browser know that the content of a <p> element must end as soon as it runs into another block element or when its parent ends.

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Element without an enclosing tag is known as an empty element. The closing tags cannot be added to empty elements. No child nodes exist for empty elements. As a result, empty tags are self-closing or void in nature, and are not container tags. For input, meta-data, area, etc., empty elements can be used to embed images, lists, breaks, horizontal lines, hyperlinks, etc. For instance, <p> tag had a closing tag hence it was not an empty element.

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