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Remove option if detect string match


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Hello everyone

I'm trying to remove a html tag option when detect string to match. For example, if string show "Apple" in produce list that is not available, so, remove this option. I tried to grey it out, seem it doesn't work very good.

my code:

$disable = "<option disable>String</option>";

$picktable = $GaryDB->prepare("SHOW TABLES");


while($row6 = $picktable->fetch()) {
if($row6[0] == "String") {
$row6[0] = str_replace("<option>String</option>",$disable,"<option>String</option>");
$pick .= "<option value='$row6[0]'>".$row6[0]."</option>";

unless you have better logic to remove or grey it out...

Thank you


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You can use 'continue' keyword within if condition to skip that row value completely removing need to replace. If you plan to replace apply row value to a new variable and manipulate that! Insread.

$pick .= "<option value='$row6[0]'>".$row6[0]."</option>";

Should be

$pick .= "<option value='"$row6[0]"'>".$row6[0]."</option>";

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