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How to interface STEVAL-MKI197V1 with Raspberry pi to fetch accelerometer values?


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I am facing a problem while using STEVAL-MKI197V1(https://www.st.com/en/evaluation-tools/steval-mki197v1.html) with Raspberry pi 2 and try to fetch the accelerometer values.


I am not able to interface this with Raspberry pi 2. I am using python language for scripting. I am curious if they is anything to be done before interfacing (such as downloading the libraries compatible with Raspberry pi). Since I am new to this process, I would like to know what would be the best approach to interface this sensor and fetch the accelerometer values using python language in Raspberry pi. It would be of great help if anyone has any reference on this and is happy to share.



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Hello @Suprith-MSc,

I am trying to turn smartphone with accelerometer sensor into remote outdoor seismographic sensor.


I plan to test API and wifi connectivity to access sensor data from server run on smartphone.

But what matters I need to install audio-coupler to turn accelerometer data into audio signals output via audio jack in smartphone

to be broadcasted via radio to remote RTL SDR server run on my PC to receive accelerometer sender data remotely at large distance,

data from many ourdoor sensors in parallel and process inputs with Python scripts to generate live charts, 3D plots

like this




I develop Earthquake Prediction System for Turkey based on Precognition and input data from seismigraphic sensors, from remote seismographs and more

Job is easy if you are an experienced developer, so I need to learn a lot

to integrate:

1. accelerometer sensor in smartphone

to output data

via Audio coupler app

2. Input such audio signal into radio transmitter


3. Have RTL SDR radio to receive such signal


4. Have Python script to decode the signal


5. Have Python scripts to generate live 3D charts as above,

FFT seismograms

to calculate signal distribution delay underground


and finally study if earthquake activity in the region accelerates to result in 5, 6, 7+ level earthquakes ( vide Turkey)




wish you all the best



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My girlfriend just pointed me out to a nice research papers on Loma Priesta Earthquake analysis,

on how the earthquake data can be extracted from seismograms and processed into 3D plots





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