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Help with Mysql and PHP

Matthew Payton

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Hi there, hopefully someone can help me

I'm trying to pull the results from mysql table where anything between 6 days and 11 days old from the current date. 

Here is my code below but I think I 'm way off...

"SELECT * FROM sent_msg WHERE line_status='2' AND collection_arranged='No' AND service_type='SWAPIT - Delayed' AND ship_date BETWEEN ship_date > current_date - INTERVAL 6 DAY AND ship_date < current_date - INTERVAL 11 DAY";


If anyone can help that would be amazing... the key is 

It only shows results for anything between date1 and date 2 and it will be 6 days from today to 11 days from today I need it to show. 


Hope this makes sense.

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