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The SQL TryIt Editor no longer works for write operations on Chrome or Edge.

John McGarvey

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The W3 TryIt editor for SQL requires WebSQL.  The current versions of Chrome and Edge have dropped support of WebSQL.  Chrome has announced a replacement technology, but the TryIt editor does not support this.  Is there any plan to correct this?

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Hi John

I sent an email to W3Schools saying the following. You can see their response after that. Feels like a token response rather than an acknowledgement of quite a serious issue with their whole SQL course. Maybe it would help if you contacted them too?

I would submit a support ticket but I can't see any option for that on their website.

BTW it seems to work in Safari but it really does need to work in Chrome and Edge too. Chrome especially!

I'm doing your SQL course and the TryIt Editor has stopped working. It looks like this is because Google has removed Web SQL as of version 119. Is anything going to be done in response to this, so we can keep using the TryIt Editor and continue with our courses? 
Many thanks,

We appreciate your feedback. Your input is valuable for us and we have shared it with our product team. 
Thanks for learning with us.
Have a great day!
Best regards,
W3schools team


PS - I responded to another post in this forum about this problem but I can't find it for the life of me! If you do, please submit a link to this topic, so that other person can see what's happening.

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