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iframe with css

Webmaster Tuhy

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does anybody know how to make an i-frame or something similar to it with css? i really need help with this.
<iframe src="url" style="height:500px; width:400px; border:1px solid black;"></iframe>

There's your iframe ^ with css styling.As to make something similar to it with css... <div> maybe... You can also try frames if it's of any revalence to you.Links:html iframeshtml divshtml frames

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don't use iframe. just make a css stylesheet and do

#virtualframe {position: absolute;width: XXpx;height: XXpx;overflow: auto; /* OR scroll OR hidden OR visible, only auto and scroll applicable here */}

then in your html call it

<div id="virtualframe">text here text here text here</div>

Much easier and also better for site indexing.

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