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replacement for "target"

fred asselyon

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Nothing, really :)I remember it was implemented in CSS3, with a few new options, but at least IE doesn't support CSS3...At first, W3C decided it should be up to the the user if he wants the document opened in a new window or the same. But many people discusses that decision, it should be possible for the creator of the site to suggest a new window or not. So they put back in the target in Strict, at least I think they did, in CSS.You can still use strict Xhtml with the target attribute, but with a Transitional DTD, or just not a "W3C valid" Strict one. :)Another sollution is to use javascript to open the document in a new window by script.Like this in the html part:

<a href="something" onclick='return MyFunction(this.href)'>Click here</a>

And this in the script (head section) part:

<script type="text/javascript"><!--function MyFunction(url) {window.open(url,"_blank","specs for window")return false;}//--></script>
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