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Need redirect for an IE/javascript problem


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Hi..In another post, I described a problem I was having with a javascript menu not displaying properly in IE and Firefox on my home computer. I checked the website from work, and it works fine. So, I compared security settings, and they are exactly the same. Even after turning off my Norton security, it still doesn't work at home.Googling has left me frustrated. Can anyone direct me to a decent IE website/forum that might help me figure out what other settings may be affecting the javascript?I'm a book author and the website is my book site. If I can't figure out how to get my own website to work on my own computer, I have no hope of helping potential readers if they encounter the same problem!FYI, the website is www.markdelfranco.com. The page in question is www.markdelfranco.com/glossarytext.html. Right now, there's a minor layout issue, but if you do not see an old fashioned style book page onloading, you have the same problem I do. (note: as a newbie, I made the mistake of designing completely for highest resolution, so you may need to adjust. I'm fixing it, I'm fixing it)Many thanks in advance....Mark

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