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Deleting with checkboxes

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I am working on a project and each record has it's own checkbox. These checkbox are to delete the selected record. You can have 1 record like you can have all records (could be hundreds). I'm not sure how to get every value of every checkbox and I'm not sure of the delete mysql query for those records.I tried this:

<input type=\"checkbox\" name=\"itemdel\" value=\"" . $row['linkid'] . "\">

Which only display 1 number.I also tried this:

<input type=\"checkbox\" name=\"itemdel[]\" value=\"" . $row['linkid'] . "\">

Which only display the word "Array".My display statement:

echo $_POST['itemdel'];

I basically only need a list of selected values and need someway to work with it.Thanks

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This is what is displayed:

array(2) { [0]=>  string(1) "7" [1]=>  string(1) "5" }

Could I do this?

$query = "DELETE FROM mf_links WHERE linkid IN (" . var_dump($_POST['itemdel[]']) . ")";

Or would I have to create a loop?

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You would need to use a foreach, and if you dont know how to check if a checkbox is checked here is how:

if($_POST[$foreachnum] == true){//delete from table}

:) Im sure you already knew that though :)

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You can use foreach to make the string of those numbers:

$str = "";foreach($_POST['idemid'] as $value) {$str .= (int)$value.",";}$str = substr($str,0,-1);$query = "DELETE FROM mf_links WHERE itemid(".$str.")";...

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hmmm interesting... but this will only delete 1 record won't it? Is it possible to have those values separated with commas so I can do WHERE linkid IN (1,2,3)?

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Right, implode takes an array of elements, and returns a string that is the list of elements joined by whatever string you give it (in this case, a comma). If there is only one element, it will just return that element.

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