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A 'WHAT THE?!' story...

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Tiny Johnny (from Robin Wood story):"I've made a table of 105 px width and 28 px height and of course the <td> tag of the same size. I've put the image into that tag of (yeah, you guessed... :) ) SAME size again. Then I open the page in Firefox browser. It looks perfect, I tell you... :) I check the page also in IE 6. And again it looks... WHAT THE?! :( WH-WH-WHY IS THERE FOR ABOUT 4 PX LARGE SPACE BETWEEN THE IMAGE AND TABLE BORDER AT THE BOTTOM?!?! :D"How come that in Firefox the table border wraps the image perfectly but in IE 6 it doesn't? Is there anyone who can explain me why does that happen? What went wrong? I hope that IE 6 is guilty for that, but I'm affraid that it isn't...Thanks in advance for your replies!

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Nah, I've made up that story... :) Hum... Even if I apply border to the image or not, the annoying space is still there. Your statement makes my foreseeing even more true. So the browsers are actually the guilty ones... Well, before I seal my statement, I'll wait if anyone else has anything to say about the problem.

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