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Populate BirthMonth and Birthday in dropdown list using javascript


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use this

<html><head>  <title></title>  <script>  onload=  function()  {	var mth = new Array();	mth[0] = "January";	mth[1] = "February";	mth[2] = "March";	mth[3] = "April";	mth[4] = "May";	mth[5] = "June";	mth[6] = "July";	mth[7] = "August";	mth[8] = "Septemeber";	mth[9] = "October";	mth[10] = "November";	mth[11] = "December";		var days = 31;	var i = 0;	var bmth = document.getElementById('bmth');	var bday = document.getElementById('bday');		for(i=0;i<mth.length;i++)	{	  bmth.options[bmth.options.length] = new Option(mth[i],i);	}		for(i=0;i<days;i++)	{	  bday.options[bday.options.length] = new Option(i+1,i+1 );	}  }  </script></head><body>  <select id="bmth"></select> <select id="bday"></select></body></html>

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